Symptoms of Cauda Equina Syndrome

Signs that may suggest you are suffering from Cauda Equina Syndrome include:

- Severe low back pain, tender when pressure is applied

- Pain in the legs

- Saddle anaesthesia (numbness and loss of sensation in the genital/saddle area, sometimes experienced as pain or pins and needles) 

- Changes in bladder activity and urinary incontinence

- Severe constipation, anal problems and faecal incontinence 

- Muscle weakness, numbness and loss of sensation

- Foot drop 

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You may be entitled to very substantial compensation including general damages for the injury, compensation for past and future care and assistance, anticipated loss of earnings, reduced earning capacity, travel costs and expenses, the cost of suitable accommodation, including adaptations to accommodation or building and design of suitable accommodation, aids and equipment, orthotics, costs of any recommended medical treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

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